Thursday, October 29, 2009

yo se BASIC

I love overhearing people talk about my DJ'ing. It's voyeuristic, its egotistical, and it can be crushing all at once. One thing I've heard before: "this guy sounds like a videogame". JAJA! Just wait for the next set because I'm definitely dropping some MENEO.

I came across this duo from Barcelona one day while "digging" through one of my favorite sites, soundcloud. Then when my homie UMB over at Generation Bass posted a link I cursed myself for not having acted sooner! Not that there is any blog competition - dude is unparalleled with his blogging speed and knowledge! But I digress..

8-Bit with soul they call it. And I can only imagine what a legit liveshow is like after watching this:

These guys are KILLING their Gameboys and it comes out sounding almost like a Latin Justice pero mas SUAVE. Too many times you come across these onehit wonder type bangers, but trust, MENEO's catalogue is deeeeeeep. Do you know Basic?

I Know Basic - automix by MENEO