Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 minutes can save you...

Geko Jones, the Head Latino In Charge over @Dutty Artz, has just dropped a nice 20 min mix for Time Out New York. Check out the much more in depth article over here, I'm simply the messenger. Actually, I think Geko puts it best when he said something along the lines of, "It’s really hard not to like this stuff."

Que Bajo mix Geko Jones by TimeOutNewYork

And if you know anything, you'll be checking out Que Bajo, the Tormenta Tropical version, esta noche at Santo's Party House, NYC. Who doesn't like shakers?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Colombia x NYC

Oh technology ... ¡Que buena estas! With your help I will send out a transmission. One that shares folkloric cumbia from San Jacinto, Colombia layered ever so gently with modern beats from Nueva York. Andres Landero (pictured above w amigos) is brought into 2010 with the help of New York's Cumba Mela.

La Pava Congona (CumbaMela Edit) by Cumba Mela

Click above for the free download, thanks guys. You can catch the Cumba Mela collective at Bembe in Brooklyn where they are known to tread not so lightly across cumbia nueva, baile, kuduro, afrocolombian bass & heavy sounds from all across the globe. Oh, and they also bust out drums, shakers, guacharachas, etc etc during their sets. Try to stand still...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I make my way across the continental USA in search of music that will blow your collective minds, I find myself in one of the better cities Dios has blessed us with .. CHICAGO. Detroit & Chi put the rest of the world on to a little ting called Ghetto House/Barrio Booty/Juke, etc etc but FFWD a decade + and here we stand.
A group of tres amigos has joined forces to form STARFOXXX. Rumored to run with Friends With Benefits, these guys are cranking out tune after tune of righteous, grimy club music. A touch of B'more, splash of the D, and of course a healthy dose of straight up Chicago juke. BUT what really caught my attention and that of my damnzun® associates was when they decided to add some Latin fuego to one of their newest tracks, La Contradansa:

La Contradansa by starfoxxxchicago

Check out their page for some free downloads and no te preocupes... a handful of proper releases are coming soon