Monday, August 31, 2009

Calle Bass

Call it whatever the hell you like - Megasoid from Montreal seem to prefer Turbo Crunk. They've been honing, perfecting, and deconstructing these apocalyptic club bangers while working on their forthcoming debut album for Ninja Tune.

Dudes have been beaming out futuristic sounds via remixes, mixtapes, and illegal parties alike, taking a sound rooted in dirty south booty bass and running it through a 10 speed blender - tossing sirens, blaps, claps, and raunchy vocal samples and acappellas on top. Sharing their Turbo Crunk party with the likes of Ed Banger, GlitchMob, Lazer Sword, and Machinedrum to name a few, I'm anxious for the day they make it to Brooklyn. We like bass and dirty synths too Megasoid

Megasoid - Soundbwoy Bass Feat. Isaiah by mdhernan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday I was drunk

You're normally not going to find me posting straight house tracks which is why Rivastarr fits nicely into some sort of barracho, Gyspsy tech, happy house realm. Somehow I stumbled across this on youtube (the video is BUGGED out), and was immediately drawn to it.

Rivastarr takes a simple formula and flips it into an insanely catchy and fun discotheque b a n g e r.
The album, I Was Drunk, is scheduled to drop next month on Made To Play.

I Was Drunk feat Noze, Black Cat, White Cat:

RIVA STARR- I WAS DRUNK(feat.NOZE) & BLACK CAT, WHITE CAT (112Kbps) by Rivastarr

Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is MY LIFE

Mira - don't worry about what CNN says or what everyone thinks about the "economy"... this is YOUR LIFE. That's what I love about Jahdan Blakkamoore. No matter what's going on, he just comes with this hard hitting anthem full of positivity. Reminding you to "shine bright like the sunshine" HA ! thank you Jahdan

This one is off Major Lazer's recent LP, but this Dutty Artz refix just takes the song to a whole new level.
I mean people talk about "hater this, hater that", but seriously - If you can't get down to this (what I think is a Shadetek/Rupture) track, stay out of DAMNZUN !!

The album is Buzzrock Warrior, drops September 15th. Check Dutty Artz for the up to date

Cash Flow (Dutty Artz Refix):

..y si necesitas mas:

Bazooka Shot mixtape

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sabbath Songs

You usually hear about symbiotic relationships when it comes to biology and two things needing one another. While I don't think Mr. Hebden (Four Tet) or Will Bevan (Burial) NEED each other to survive and prosper, I'll be damned if they don't combine forces to create some beautifully dark music.

I've been a big fan of Four Tet for some time now - I feel like the man can do very little wrong. So when I heard rumors of a collaboration with London's Burial, dubstep's bastard step bro, I thought, WOAH.

The two got together on some other plane and put out a 12" single. Little information accompanied. What we did have were two tracks: "Moth" and "Wolf Cub". 18+ minutes of atmospheric beats, tripped out, stuttered bass, clicks, and crescendos.

This is a spaced out Sunday evening song if I've ever heard one. Wait for it:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Keepin the digital rickshaw MOVING

Overwhelming response to yesterday's track ! Glad you blogheads enjoyed that. NY's got los sonideros on lock, but when it comes to the taco trucks, not so much ..

The next gem I want to share comes from my hometown of Chicago and a young producer by the name of DJ Nate. I think dude is 19 and he's doing something I've never heard with juke music before. It sounds like he was brought up on Deeon, studied the staggered, smoked out stylings of Flying Lotus and friends, and injected it with some Zomby-esque liquid weirdo shit. If you're asking what the hell this sounds like, take a listen below. HEAVY

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

¡ Mira mira ¡

Today we visit Chinantla Puebla de Mexico, where Los Daddys have blessed us with one hell of a cumbia. Picked this one up from Collecion de Oro, vol. 7 brought to you by La Conga . Check for La Conga in NY and NJ, they've been bringing the tropical vibes for 13 years now and they roll DEEEEEP.

Let this ride to the 1 minute mark - will not disappoint or I'll quit blogging tomorrow. Los Daddy's with La Cumbia Pesebre:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hood Pass Intact

Damn zun. I did it. I went and started a zlog. I thought it only fitting that the first post in cyberspace showcase LA's future funk ambassador Dâm Funk. KILLED IT last nite @ Trophy Bar. Original pressings..vinyl for days. There were a bunch of dudes out though, ladies, take note - Dam Funk brings the sexiest jams. His FIVE (yea, cinco. 5) LP debut on Stones Throw is due out this fall. Get the first two in their digital forms now, and remember - patience is a virtue .

Here's a new one from Dâm Funk titled 10 West: