Monday, May 24, 2010


Today you zuns, a little song with a huge marimba de chonta. Originally an African instrument, the marimba made its way to Central America and has played a huge role since. Music from Mexico to Ecuador to Guatemala and beyond embrace the good vibes, as I'm sure you will/do. Another sun drenched track for you thanks to the fine folks at Dutty Artz. Not sure much about this other than it's from a guy who goes by 'Yage' and it's straight summer rooftop/blockparty/beachball culo shaking bass madness.

Descarga below, gratiiis:


Monday, May 17, 2010

Eres Como Droga

If this song were a girl, I'd love her. Seriously. Breezy, synthy, and bouncy - Brooklyn's Uproot Andy comes correct time and time again. I held off on posting this one (like 48 hours) because I'm super tired of hearing the 'Hold Yuh' riddim in Brooklyn and across the US. Was never into it. But man this remix did it for me. Los Rakas drop a few verses longing for lost love and Faviola comes in to finish it off for las mujeres. Great track for the summer. I can just hear this one starting and closing out parties for the next few months. I'm sure someone will fall in love to it as well. Ajajaj

Check Soundcloud for the free download:

Abrazame (uproot andy mix) by Uproot Andy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buttery + Funky

I know Hudson mentioned he doesn't smoke illegal drogas no mas, but when he teams up with Wiley on this track expect a helium induced, funky ass, summer loving HEATER. WOW. I love how in the past few months these normally left-field hip hop & electronic dudes e.g. FlyLo, HudMo, Four Tet, etc. have all put out straight dance tracks. "Experimental party music", as the venerable Wayne of Wayne&Wax might say.

Check it out below, proper release coming soon? Warp? Anybody??

IF Daft Punk made deep cumbia, THEN... might sound something like this: Deep, percussive as hell, and techy. Coming from Barcelona today, Doma Tornados takes us on a 7 minute journey - the snares rattling throughout, a deep alien bassline settling in just as the drums start letting loose again.

Fantastique (Doma Tornados Remix) by Doma Tornados

Need more? Gotta make it to Spain to see what Doma and the rest of the Hipi Duki Music crew are up to. They are the fine people behind the stellar Soundamerica series - exploring traditional and experimental sounds from across the Latin American spectrum.
Book the flight, check these for now:

Download/Descarga Doma Tornado's new release, "TOBA REY" right "here".

y Soundamerica vol.12 as selected by Sumergido "here"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vamos a darle sloooow

Within the first minute you hear the lines "can't get you out of my system..."

and chances are she's right. I had this song in my head for a solid 24 hours. Sepalcure is what happens when Machinedrum and Praveen spend two weeks in Brooklyn crafting the two step beats, dubbed out bass and vocals, and the neon synths needed to create their futuristic, yet sensitively danceable brand of dubstep. Joy Orbison meeting FaltyDL. Brooklyn meeting London. The beats sound like their about to fall apart but somehow their held together with that big stuttered kick and an even bigger basssline.

Check for the EP out on Hotflush June 7th!

Sepalcure - Takin You Back by Polo Deod

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nose Art !?

FLYING LOTUS HAS LOST HIS GODDAMN MIND!!! El está loco for this one. Cosmogramma, which dropped this past week on Warp, is 51 minutes of FlyLo's best material to date. I should wait and listen to it 100-500 times, but I just can't contain my blogging self. Buy this album. Become one with all.

Raw beats. Free jazz vibes, more live instrumentation than ever. Outkast string arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, guest vocalists Thom Yorke and a returning Laura Darlington

I don't even know where to start. Cosmogramma is truly an epic album. A complete listen. A journey through everything you've come to expect from FlyLo but flipped sideways and given super medicinal. Basically, Flying Lotus started a band and this is their first album.
I'll highlight one track for now, definitely a step up in the BPMs, a nod to Anita Ward on a disco/housed out "Do The Astral Plane". Increíble

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane by desborachos

Have I said enough? Msg me if you want to get deeper but I'm going to space right now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seasonal Depression

It's over. as far as I'm concerned summer está aquí. So expect a barrage of music in the coming months. Regional reporting to ensue as I scour the US and abroad for electronic gems. To kick it off, a brand new track coming from Argentina and the ZZK familia

La Cumbia de la Loviya.Lagartijeando by lagartijeando

Love the drugged out intro. Lagartijeando lives in Buenos Aires but apparently it was while living in México, something happened ... "cambiar su cosmovisión de la música" Lagartijeando was born. He calls his music "neo ballenato" or vallenato - closely associated with cumbia which you'll hear. The EP, Neobailango, is out there so check for it. (artwork above)

Verano, cuuuuuumbia, Cinco De's all real and if you just happen to be in New York esta noche you may want to check out Santo's later..

"Our favorite local DJs, Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, step it up and move to the big room on Cinco de Mayo at Santos Party House, the above ground venue with an underground vibe. Get in your villera fix, let out some gritos with Los Rudos del Norte, and top it off with a late night snack from the taco truck outside."