Friday, August 13, 2010

¡¡TRIVAL - 3ball!!

Here come's the triiiival locos. It's a beautiful thing. FADER is pushing warachero in the next issue thanks to TOY hittin everyone in the head with this new 3ball EP from Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beats, & DJ Otto, while everyone else is sure to catch up soon (6 months - 2 yrs).

Now I'm not going to lie - not a huuuge fan of the EP. Not a huge fan of 80% of the tribal guarachero that has come out in the past 2+ years. But what really moves me is the POTENTIAL!! Goddamn people, are you listening?! There are a few producers out there (Monterrey I see you) who will undoubtedly be blowing this up, crossing la frontera to bring these bugged out sounds to LOS ESTADOS & you better believe Damn Zun is aiding and abetting. Like I mentioned in a previous post for Rincon, many of these rolas are still far too abrasive for clubs and dives here in the US. But the crossover is so close, just a few harddrive swaps out (winkwink).

Until then let that Guaracha mix on youtube ^^ ride for 10 minutes. A bit different than guarachero but still percussive as hell, heavy as an armored HUMV in El Paso, & able to get girls crushin the dance floor to Sean Kigston remixes. And they drop an edit of my favorite party track around from Los Hechizeros at the end. jajajajaj madness!