Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deep Sea Explorations

Argentina's FRIKSTAILERS have come & gone NY. Maybe you missed em. Or maybe you were out in BK with us when they came through and tripped us out with sounds from their Bicho De Luz EP. Either way, no te preocupes, here's a quick little psychedelic number for ya, shot at that very show for their 1st North American tour:

FRIKSTAILERS (live @ COCO 66) from Joey Angerone on Vimeo.

(shot & edited by JoeyAngerone)

Oye, I know what you're thinking out there right now.

"But Damn Zun, that's old news! You want me to impress my DJ friends and local chickenheads with an exclusive video thats months old!? It's almost 2011, I want to hear what's gonna be hot next year!"

Yes, yes, what was I thinking. Well, I was inspired by this brand new one from Rafa & Lisandro, a remix of Bart B More's Make Some Noise, so here. GO! DOWNLOAD IT!
Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Frikstailers Remix) by FRIKSTAILERS

The Frikstailer's, in the short time I've known about them & relatively little material I've heard, have constantly impressed. Everyone talks about the global mushmash happening and how music has no borders because of Al Gore - well, the Frikstailer's LIVE IT. SH*T JUST GOT REAL, SON!
This one is a creeper. You're first drawn in by the heavy cumbia framework. Then the dembow works its way in there. Wait, who's this guy yellin about makin noise!? The anticipation builds, and then deflates to a dubbed out, underwater fever dream before coming around 360 & DROP! It's bastard cumbia, blacksheep reggaeton. I know you want to call it moombahton ; ) we're close. I'm gonna call it, "Yo, I just listened to this track 20 times in a row". How's that for a new genre? You can add "step" at the end or "future" in there somewhere too. Look at me, I'm a music journalist!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All right - Sorry if you've been back and forth a few times to find no updates recently. My seasonal depression has started to kick in, as has a bitter taste in my mouth. #wikileaks, what?

No, but honestly Damn Zun is not a political force or movement. We are unbiased, fair, and answer to no higher calling but great music. But mixed somewhere in the leaks was a track Munchi did - his take on mambo urbano:
Munchi - Damu Mambo / Mambo Chipi EP by Munchi

..and like THAT it was gone! Snatched out of the net by CIA & FBI special agents. I may have a copy. Watch for #munchileaks..

No, but seriously the track was "eh". No disrespect, it was just too agressive/dissonant for my likings. And who am I? No one. I don't have a iPhone commercial - yet. But when I saw Diplo a few weeks back he opened up his NYC corporate event set with about 4 straight Munchi tracks, so BOOM. And check out this brand new remix snippet from a beautiful Lido Pimienta original. It's a great, smooth, downtempo, cumbia digital number:

Lido Pimienta - Humano (Munchi Is Feeling Quite Zen At The Moment Bootleg Rmx) by Munchi

Now, this track below leaked officially via Dutty Artz and their New York Tropical release just last month:


which I highlighted, along with this new remix from Spain's MENEO over @generationbass as part of a new feature I'm going to be starting over there so check out that link.

Dover - Dannayá (Meneo Remix) by MENEO

And for what Paul Devro and the MD intern (man I'm name dropping today), think about mambo and what's movin in the DR right now, check out their roundup: Dominican Bundle
Either way, I'm pushing for more Mambo in 2011, whether it's the real deal from DR or experimental 808 club sh*t from San Juan, Spain, or Brooklyn. Now back to reading secret documents, I mean, shredding my own classified things

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barack & Michelle Gettin Loko

Listen, for those of you who don't know about Soundcloud, or don't follow me on there, you may have missed this one. I thought I'd put it up here because it's got 10 downloads left so you better muevelo...

DJ Alex - La Celia Re Loka Cumbia Up Guaracha by Damn Zun™ - BK,NY

This is a classic, reworked, and waracha'd up so it's an interesting tool for DJ's out there..goes from cumbia to warpspeed trival, back, and again. It's a DJ Alex remix, who is from Argentina. I think (full disclosure: found this one at 4shared). Either way, I wanted to share as I thought it's great to get people dancing at 160ish BPMS every now & then!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

WTF, winter?!

Today I wanted to highlight a few recent successes from our musical "world", Digital and Physical, of course.

Ejemplo 1 being a promo item I was given at the Co-Sign Collective CMJ Party (yeaaa @jessfromcosign). Check this necklace airhorn, which requires only your mouth to emit a crazy loud & annoying horn:

Mimic and play along to your favorite rap, reggaeton, or mambo mixtape! To the big guys keepin score at home and wondering how your corporation can reach your target demographic so effortlessly it's simple, really:



This song and accompanying "remix" video are another great case study in mashupculture2010. Although not as recent as last weeks CMJ score, the relevance of this little bastard baby of my(?) generation will not wane...


Just as this borderline unbearable mashup begins to wear thin, it transitions into Oro Solido's Baile Del Beeper and immediately becomes TAN SEXY(er). Although I still can't come to terms with my son growing up thinking/learning that Walk It Out is "old school", throwback at noon material, I will embrace the idea that maybe one day he'll make a great video remix like this and put it on Youtube earning 1 MILLION VIEWS or more!

& Our last digi success 2 celebrate comes in the form of a great breezy, dreamy, synth heavy cumbia from Damn Zun favorite, Los Daddy's:

Los Daddys - Lucerito by Damn Zun™ - BK,NY

This just goes to show that there is still good in the world and more often than not it comes in the form of a bootleg cumbia compilation covered in bikini clad birdies!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oye Carnal

As if the previous flashing post that I left up for days wasn't enough, one more reminder:


Apparently, this is NYC - some sort of cultural melting pot & CMJ is the biggest music festival we've got..
At Damn Zun we did our best to represent some sort of card reading, spiritual incense journey into the future of club music. All while simultaneously launching a multi-borough, PR & Marketing Campaign to sing the praises of a collection of top international selectors, producers, singers and remixers around. Esta noche, Brooklyn is set to do a little dance to the sweet sounds of:

STARFOXXX, the Chitown Juke & Footwork Princes/Kings to be

UPROOT ANDY, Brooklyn's Cumbia Digital Duke

ZAKEE, West African Kuduro killa & Vocalist

ZUZUKA PODEROSA, 100% Baile Bass Bad Girl

& MIOS DIO DJ, the Sonido Especialista

AND if you can't make it, we thought about you download over @soundcloud, featuring exclusives, unreleased, and amazing rolitas from all involved and others we wish were here:

iBomba CMJ Edición:Mios Dio DJ Private Mix feat. Uproot Andy, Zuzuka, Zakee, y Starfoxxx exclusivas) by Damn Zun™ - BK,NY

Friday, October 8, 2010

0% Chance of Precip

El fin de is upon us locos. It finds me smack zab in the middle of America, searching out cumbia jems pa' ti. I hope you're safe at your home PC, or on your smart phone scouring the WWW for something smooth & sexy to start your weekend just right. Trust in me - Let's get into a great mix from Bogotá and the one known as El Criollo:

Miscellaneus Oct. LiveSet by El Criollo

Now I usually approach mixes 1 of 2 ways.
A) scan the tracklist & judge a book by it's descriptive, colorful cover OR..
B) put it in the headphones and make my way through NYC with a new, unknown soundtrack

Seeing as I got to this one before the tracklist was posted, I jumped around via mouseclicks a bit, but felt too dishonest cheating. The patient Zun in me found a beautiful ride, blended ever so gently. The vibes are chill, a bit warm (tropical!?), covering reggaeton, cumbia, dancehall, +++
But really it brought me back to the core of all this global bass, nu-whirled, world music, mash up Y2K, ghetto poor pan Panama-esque electro trending...
:: deep breath:: It's all HIP HOP PEOPLE. Download this great hip hop dance mix that destroys barriers and stays away from anything too BPM'y and RAVEY. I'll have to find El Criollo when I make my return to Colombia and shake his hand. Don't believe the media hype people. Colombia & México are not lawless slums where you'll get kidnapped immediately upon arrival.

: )

Thursday, October 7, 2010

brand Brand BRAND

Having worked "in" the music "industry" for about 7 years now, $CRAPING by year by year, I'm inherently drawn to conversations re: "experiential marketing", the digital label revolution, magazines folding, bla bla..

It ain't a melody, it's a formula.
It ain't music, it's a product.
It ain't poetry, it's a sales pitch.
It ain't happening, cause it is dead.
Rest in peace, art and music.
They know not what they do.
But they sure make money doin' it.
And that's all it's about anymore.

-Commenter from NY Times Article

Two interesting pieces hit the web today, courtesy of a certain PR maquina, at a certain magazine, discussing global corporate superpower: Converse. The shoemaker, who recently picked up and moved out of the good ol' USA, has a new "record label" and recording studio to-be in the epicenter of COOL/CHIMBA/GENIAL: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Village Voice asks the, er, interesting(?!), question, "Is it possible to sell out in 2010?", as both articles explore the quick and revolutionary changes happening in and around "indie music", but even larger, the "culture" that surrounds it.

I wish I had stayed in school longer to explore the communication & media theories I had only begun to hit in my sophomore year, but alas the music industry seemed so exciting & attainable so I made the blind leap in! Wee unpaid internships, ufff for underpaid salaried desk jobs, so on & so forth..

Anyway, I usually keep my rants @minimal over here, but I'll link you to two (2) very interesting & relevant pieces of more scholarly journalism:

The 1st from Wayne&Wax dives a bit deeper into what the small guys are tryin to do to stay afloat as labels continue to sink while Corporate America steps up to save the day (as discussed in the NYTimes and Village Voice jwnz)

& the 2nd from the NY reyes Dutty Artz with a small intro to a new series titled: #realtalk. Definitely interested to see what one of the "good guys" has to say about the PR world, startups, & all this
"..and if ya say #realtalk i prolly wont trust ya.."

Lots of great talk on the internet. I'm planning an internet rally as we speak...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"New Psychodelic Styles & Lisergics"

About half a year back, Argentina's Brujjas Deejay had the clouds of sound rumbling. Present day finds the producer dropping 10+ mashups and remixes in the past 24 hours on his page AQUI.Now before you "X" out of this precious little internet portal, let me tell you something. I HATE MASHUPS. I really do, most of the time. Be warned, I'm about to post up a remix of "Pull Up The People" by MIA. Yea, remember that one from 6 or 7 years back?

03-Pull up the marihuane (bonus 8bit+mia) by Brujjas Deejay

Here it is again. Ran through the Reggaeton remix maquinas & then flipped into an 8-bit, cumbia digital SMASH of a track. Check Brujja Deejay's Soundcloud & grab those tracks before the free D/L's run out. Here's one more incase you needed more coaxing to move another 8 inches across the screen:

06-dovster vs yelle by Brujjas Deejay

Artist Statement:
"Brujjas Deejay has born to create the music that make dance and move to everything persons of all the dancing floors of the world. His genre is the cumbia mashup, though he enjoys certain times to rise in new psychodelic styles and lisergics. The music of this amazing DJ of the night, not only it is highly dance, his amazing psychoactive power, provoke big trips to many people throughout."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damn Zun Sends iPads to Lisbon; Hailed as Hero

I feel as if I've been really pushing the Mexican rave music to you guys the past few, so thought we'd take it to Portugal for this one, courtesy of DJ Marfox. I came across this and hadn't listened to much Kuduro lately but I'm not sure why after making it through a mix from the Enfuchada label in Lisbon. If you're out there and close to Kings County with a car, WITH subs please msg me. The Damn Zun office is at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge. At about 48 minutes the bass starts to clip, or my speakers blew, I'm not sure. Either way I'm not complaining. My Utopia is a borderless land mass where Kuduro blends with Mambo and Warachero to create beautiful "interracial music babies", as Zuzuka put it. But anyway, Yea, this mix is REALLY hard & mean but DAMN (you know I want to say it)it's good.
E-RADIO #12 - DJ MARFOX by enchufada

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Omega is in the tri-state. Brooklyn is about to explode.

"omega el fuerte de santo domingo
el que conquisto europa y estados unidos"

*edit: Now in the studio w/50 cent.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Grito De Dolores

I know, I know, I'm late. But today Damn Zun celebrates. Independencia de México. el grito de TRIIIBAL. We're back with more dance floor fodder for you & such a nice little number it is, if I do say so myself. Great for early on, warming people up or later to cool them down:
Dj YaCk Ft Dj Eriasu - El Canto Del Mariachi by damnzun

The soft, simple guitarra is a welcome addition for me! Less of the squelchy Euro synths & more crossover porfa. DJ's YaCk and Eriasu, two relatively new names in this 3ball game bring us a gem from Mexico, blending it with folklore and modern day bump. Enjoy your freedom people, it's a beautiful day and Damn Zun 2.0 is on the horizon...

Friday, August 13, 2010

¡¡TRIVAL - 3ball!!

Here come's the triiiival locos. It's a beautiful thing. FADER is pushing warachero in the next issue thanks to TOY hittin everyone in the head with this new 3ball EP from Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beats, & DJ Otto, while everyone else is sure to catch up soon (6 months - 2 yrs).

Now I'm not going to lie - not a huuuge fan of the EP. Not a huge fan of 80% of the tribal guarachero that has come out in the past 2+ years. But what really moves me is the POTENTIAL!! Goddamn people, are you listening?! There are a few producers out there (Monterrey I see you) who will undoubtedly be blowing this up, crossing la frontera to bring these bugged out sounds to LOS ESTADOS & you better believe Damn Zun is aiding and abetting. Like I mentioned in a previous post for Rincon, many of these rolas are still far too abrasive for clubs and dives here in the US. But the crossover is so close, just a few harddrive swaps out (winkwink).

Until then let that Guaracha mix on youtube ^^ ride for 10 minutes. A bit different than guarachero but still percussive as hell, heavy as an armored HUMV in El Paso, & able to get girls crushin the dance floor to Sean Kigston remixes. And they drop an edit of my favorite party track around from Los Hechizeros at the end. jajajajaj madness!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free iPads, only in America!

All right, the time has come to shamelessly promote myself/my event. I'm extremely pleased to present to NYC and the world (live webcast!?): iBomba.

The lineup came together better than I could have imagined and if you're in New York, Brooklyn, or just feel like being gangster and making the trip, COME! It's free so put in some work from 10 - 11 w Free Red Stripe, and then rock the rest of the eve with what is certain to be an action packed affair.

Do I even have to tell you who's who!?

I mean Uproot Andy just destroyed Europa, and he's dropping some crazy stuff that does not lend itself to being sedentary so MUEVELO!

Zakee is fresh off opening for The Roots at Prospect Park where the Huffington Post said, "his unique blend of Afro-beats, hip-hop and punk, all with electronica overlays... (had the) crowd thrilled when he was joined by members of The Roots, who helped take the set to the next level, setting a high bar for the remainder of the evening's acts."

& sealing the deal will be:
DJ Reaganomics who regularly puts it down at the famed Rubulad parties in Brooklyn, Krts who manages to bridge heavy hitting beats with slick, spacey keys, Cumba Mela, the globe trotting trio who never disappoint (complete w live percussion), and Mios Dio doing double duty alongside Shiz Le Roq - touching on everything from cumbia to mambo, ghetto house to kuduro, and maybe some of that new Big Boi album!

Here's the FB invite: RSVP for your free entry & beer

Check this video shot in the heart of Brooklyn, New York: the ladies, the guy at the bodega, the salon owner, and the kid in the hydrant...they're all goin to come out so in the words of one of my favorite multinational corporations, "Just Do It!"

Feel free to repost ; ) ; ) @negrophonic, etcetc.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Maya Gone KUKU

DAMN freedom feels good! July 5th people, take note: M.I.A. & Zakee are set to go to WAR. WOW!! Zakee just sent me this KUKU Bass remix of Stepping Up, which Rusko produced for her new album, "/ / / Y /" (yes, that' what it's called). The original was chaotic; other leaked tracks have people muttering things like, "schizo", "punk", and "industrial"...but wait until you hear this. I'm about to get on the horn and ask her people, "How was this not on the album!?"
Follow the link for a free download:

M.I.A. - Stepping Up (Zakee KUKU Bass Remix) by mdhernan

Zakee stays producing hits for some of the most unique, fwd thinking chicks in the game - MIA, Rye Rye, Anbuley (pictured above), Zuzuka, etc - so this comes as no surprise.
What will surprise most is his forthcoming album for Green Owl titled, "Assimilations". Check okayplayer for some unmastered leaked tracks showcasing a completely different side. Indie + electronica + smoked out vibes with Zakee singing like he's the missing link in TV On The Radio. Stay tuned, Zakee will be in Brooklyn on July 16th at the official Damn Zun fiesta, iBomba.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


THIS is what I've been waiting for! Erick Rincon has been at the forefront of this tribal guarachero scene in Monterrey, so of course he's going to take it to the next level. This is tribal but not nearly as abrasive - the melodies are there, it's feel good & upbeat, but still DUUURO. The drop in this one is big:

**editors note:
you must now click on the link to visit the soundcloud page to hear the song. TRUST ME, it's worth it.

Erick Rincon - Loituma (3ball Experimented) by Erick Rincon

OH and the dude is 17!? Rincon, the tribal prodigy, is said to be putting out some of his tropical rave music on Pollinate this year. México's not far though, so I think we'll be seeing Erick Rincon pronto.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15 minutes can save you...

Geko Jones, the Head Latino In Charge over @Dutty Artz, has just dropped a nice 20 min mix for Time Out New York. Check out the much more in depth article over here, I'm simply the messenger. Actually, I think Geko puts it best when he said something along the lines of, "It’s really hard not to like this stuff."

Que Bajo mix Geko Jones by TimeOutNewYork

And if you know anything, you'll be checking out Que Bajo, the Tormenta Tropical version, esta noche at Santo's Party House, NYC. Who doesn't like shakers?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Colombia x NYC

Oh technology ... ¡Que buena estas! With your help I will send out a transmission. One that shares folkloric cumbia from San Jacinto, Colombia layered ever so gently with modern beats from Nueva York. Andres Landero (pictured above w amigos) is brought into 2010 with the help of New York's Cumba Mela.

La Pava Congona (CumbaMela Edit) by Cumba Mela

Click above for the free download, thanks guys. You can catch the Cumba Mela collective at Bembe in Brooklyn where they are known to tread not so lightly across cumbia nueva, baile, kuduro, afrocolombian bass & heavy sounds from all across the globe. Oh, and they also bust out drums, shakers, guacharachas, etc etc during their sets. Try to stand still...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I make my way across the continental USA in search of music that will blow your collective minds, I find myself in one of the better cities Dios has blessed us with .. CHICAGO. Detroit & Chi put the rest of the world on to a little ting called Ghetto House/Barrio Booty/Juke, etc etc but FFWD a decade + and here we stand.
A group of tres amigos has joined forces to form STARFOXXX. Rumored to run with Friends With Benefits, these guys are cranking out tune after tune of righteous, grimy club music. A touch of B'more, splash of the D, and of course a healthy dose of straight up Chicago juke. BUT what really caught my attention and that of my damnzun® associates was when they decided to add some Latin fuego to one of their newest tracks, La Contradansa:

La Contradansa by starfoxxxchicago

Check out their page for some free downloads and no te preocupes... a handful of proper releases are coming soon

Monday, May 24, 2010


Today you zuns, a little song with a huge marimba de chonta. Originally an African instrument, the marimba made its way to Central America and has played a huge role since. Music from Mexico to Ecuador to Guatemala and beyond embrace the good vibes, as I'm sure you will/do. Another sun drenched track for you thanks to the fine folks at Dutty Artz. Not sure much about this other than it's from a guy who goes by 'Yage' and it's straight summer rooftop/blockparty/beachball culo shaking bass madness.

Descarga below, gratiiis:


Monday, May 17, 2010

Eres Como Droga

If this song were a girl, I'd love her. Seriously. Breezy, synthy, and bouncy - Brooklyn's Uproot Andy comes correct time and time again. I held off on posting this one (like 48 hours) because I'm super tired of hearing the 'Hold Yuh' riddim in Brooklyn and across the US. Was never into it. But man this remix did it for me. Los Rakas drop a few verses longing for lost love and Faviola comes in to finish it off for las mujeres. Great track for the summer. I can just hear this one starting and closing out parties for the next few months. I'm sure someone will fall in love to it as well. Ajajaj

Check Soundcloud for the free download:

Abrazame (uproot andy mix) by Uproot Andy

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Buttery + Funky

I know Hudson mentioned he doesn't smoke illegal drogas no mas, but when he teams up with Wiley on this track expect a helium induced, funky ass, summer loving HEATER. WOW. I love how in the past few months these normally left-field hip hop & electronic dudes e.g. FlyLo, HudMo, Four Tet, etc. have all put out straight dance tracks. "Experimental party music", as the venerable Wayne of Wayne&Wax might say.

Check it out below, proper release coming soon? Warp? Anybody??

IF Daft Punk made deep cumbia, THEN... might sound something like this: Deep, percussive as hell, and techy. Coming from Barcelona today, Doma Tornados takes us on a 7 minute journey - the snares rattling throughout, a deep alien bassline settling in just as the drums start letting loose again.

Fantastique (Doma Tornados Remix) by Doma Tornados

Need more? Gotta make it to Spain to see what Doma and the rest of the Hipi Duki Music crew are up to. They are the fine people behind the stellar Soundamerica series - exploring traditional and experimental sounds from across the Latin American spectrum.
Book the flight, check these for now:

Download/Descarga Doma Tornado's new release, "TOBA REY" right "here".

y Soundamerica vol.12 as selected by Sumergido "here"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vamos a darle sloooow

Within the first minute you hear the lines "can't get you out of my system..."

and chances are she's right. I had this song in my head for a solid 24 hours. Sepalcure is what happens when Machinedrum and Praveen spend two weeks in Brooklyn crafting the two step beats, dubbed out bass and vocals, and the neon synths needed to create their futuristic, yet sensitively danceable brand of dubstep. Joy Orbison meeting FaltyDL. Brooklyn meeting London. The beats sound like their about to fall apart but somehow their held together with that big stuttered kick and an even bigger basssline.

Check for the EP out on Hotflush June 7th!

Sepalcure - Takin You Back by Polo Deod

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nose Art !?

FLYING LOTUS HAS LOST HIS GODDAMN MIND!!! El está loco for this one. Cosmogramma, which dropped this past week on Warp, is 51 minutes of FlyLo's best material to date. I should wait and listen to it 100-500 times, but I just can't contain my blogging self. Buy this album. Become one with all.

Raw beats. Free jazz vibes, more live instrumentation than ever. Outkast string arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, guest vocalists Thom Yorke and a returning Laura Darlington

I don't even know where to start. Cosmogramma is truly an epic album. A complete listen. A journey through everything you've come to expect from FlyLo but flipped sideways and given super medicinal. Basically, Flying Lotus started a band and this is their first album.
I'll highlight one track for now, definitely a step up in the BPMs, a nod to Anita Ward on a disco/housed out "Do The Astral Plane". Increíble

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane by desborachos

Have I said enough? Msg me if you want to get deeper but I'm going to space right now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seasonal Depression

It's over. as far as I'm concerned summer está aquí. So expect a barrage of music in the coming months. Regional reporting to ensue as I scour the US and abroad for electronic gems. To kick it off, a brand new track coming from Argentina and the ZZK familia

La Cumbia de la Loviya.Lagartijeando by lagartijeando

Love the drugged out intro. Lagartijeando lives in Buenos Aires but apparently it was while living in México, something happened ... "cambiar su cosmovisión de la música" Lagartijeando was born. He calls his music "neo ballenato" or vallenato - closely associated with cumbia which you'll hear. The EP, Neobailango, is out there so check for it. (artwork above)

Verano, cuuuuuumbia, Cinco De's all real and if you just happen to be in New York esta noche you may want to check out Santo's later..

"Our favorite local DJs, Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, step it up and move to the big room on Cinco de Mayo at Santos Party House, the above ground venue with an underground vibe. Get in your villera fix, let out some gritos with Los Rudos del Norte, and top it off with a late night snack from the taco truck outside."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Most dance producers are following the same formulas, it's no big secret. It worked for disco, then house, and it continues to produce in 2010. I never liked math class much but London's Mosca seems to be a resident professor and Damn Zun™ is offering his 10 minute course below. Let's take a look at the syllabus.
We'll start with an introduction to future hip hop. It slinks, it stutters, it knocks and it begs for an edit with an acapella dropped on top.
The synths bend just perfectly sounding like a scattered musical seizure as the drums transform...a taste of the uptempo mathematics to come. And here it is: the 4/4 kick ushers us into some dubbed out dance accompanied by voices of unknown origins and just a touch of sub bass. Before I get carried away and write a dissertation on Nike, go ahead and check for yourself. Mosca is one of the most exciting new producers out there right now, making music with utter disregard for genre pigeonholing. The young lad's debut release will be out this month on Night Slugs with remixes coming from Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Roska, Greena, and more.

Mosca - Nike by mdhernan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Would You Mind Derobing?

My man Joy Orbison coming so hard, yet with such finesse. This is the sound of UK underground blasted off into space and returning as a glitchy garage hybrid. Exclusive you zuns. The only other person rocking this track right now is ONEMAN who included it in his most recent mix - which I may or may not have ripped this from ;) Points if you name the track creeping in at the end.

Check for Joy Orbison's debut EP to be released on Doldrums Recordings in early 2010. But until then stream 'So Derobe' below:

Joy Orbison - So Derobe by mdhernan