Monday, July 5, 2010

Maya Gone KUKU

DAMN freedom feels good! July 5th people, take note: M.I.A. & Zakee are set to go to WAR. WOW!! Zakee just sent me this KUKU Bass remix of Stepping Up, which Rusko produced for her new album, "/ / / Y /" (yes, that' what it's called). The original was chaotic; other leaked tracks have people muttering things like, "schizo", "punk", and "industrial"...but wait until you hear this. I'm about to get on the horn and ask her people, "How was this not on the album!?"
Follow the link for a free download:

M.I.A. - Stepping Up (Zakee KUKU Bass Remix) by mdhernan

Zakee stays producing hits for some of the most unique, fwd thinking chicks in the game - MIA, Rye Rye, Anbuley (pictured above), Zuzuka, etc - so this comes as no surprise.
What will surprise most is his forthcoming album for Green Owl titled, "Assimilations". Check okayplayer for some unmastered leaked tracks showcasing a completely different side. Indie + electronica + smoked out vibes with Zakee singing like he's the missing link in TV On The Radio. Stay tuned, Zakee will be in Brooklyn on July 16th at the official Damn Zun fiesta, iBomba.

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