Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Most dance producers are following the same formulas, it's no big secret. It worked for disco, then house, and it continues to produce in 2010. I never liked math class much but London's Mosca seems to be a resident professor and Damn Zun™ is offering his 10 minute course below. Let's take a look at the syllabus.
We'll start with an introduction to future hip hop. It slinks, it stutters, it knocks and it begs for an edit with an acapella dropped on top.
The synths bend just perfectly sounding like a scattered musical seizure as the drums transform...a taste of the uptempo mathematics to come. And here it is: the 4/4 kick ushers us into some dubbed out dance accompanied by voices of unknown origins and just a touch of sub bass. Before I get carried away and write a dissertation on Nike, go ahead and check for yourself. Mosca is one of the most exciting new producers out there right now, making music with utter disregard for genre pigeonholing. The young lad's debut release will be out this month on Night Slugs with remixes coming from Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Roska, Greena, and more.

Mosca - Nike by mdhernan

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