Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seasonal Depression

It's over. as far as I'm concerned summer está aquí. So expect a barrage of music in the coming months. Regional reporting to ensue as I scour the US and abroad for electronic gems. To kick it off, a brand new track coming from Argentina and the ZZK familia

La Cumbia de la Loviya.Lagartijeando by lagartijeando

Love the drugged out intro. Lagartijeando lives in Buenos Aires but apparently it was while living in México, something happened ... "cambiar su cosmovisión de la música" Lagartijeando was born. He calls his music "neo ballenato" or vallenato - closely associated with cumbia which you'll hear. The EP, Neobailango, is out there so check for it. (artwork above)

Verano, cuuuuuumbia, Cinco De's all real and if you just happen to be in New York esta noche you may want to check out Santo's later..

"Our favorite local DJs, Uproot Andy and Geko Jones, step it up and move to the big room on Cinco de Mayo at Santos Party House, the above ground venue with an underground vibe. Get in your villera fix, let out some gritos with Los Rudos del Norte, and top it off with a late night snack from the taco truck outside."

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