Thursday, June 3, 2010


As I make my way across the continental USA in search of music that will blow your collective minds, I find myself in one of the better cities Dios has blessed us with .. CHICAGO. Detroit & Chi put the rest of the world on to a little ting called Ghetto House/Barrio Booty/Juke, etc etc but FFWD a decade + and here we stand.
A group of tres amigos has joined forces to form STARFOXXX. Rumored to run with Friends With Benefits, these guys are cranking out tune after tune of righteous, grimy club music. A touch of B'more, splash of the D, and of course a healthy dose of straight up Chicago juke. BUT what really caught my attention and that of my damnzun® associates was when they decided to add some Latin fuego to one of their newest tracks, La Contradansa:

La Contradansa by starfoxxxchicago

Check out their page for some free downloads and no te preocupes... a handful of proper releases are coming soon

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