Friday, June 25, 2010

Colombia x NYC

Oh technology ... ¡Que buena estas! With your help I will send out a transmission. One that shares folkloric cumbia from San Jacinto, Colombia layered ever so gently with modern beats from Nueva York. Andres Landero (pictured above w amigos) is brought into 2010 with the help of New York's Cumba Mela.

La Pava Congona (CumbaMela Edit) by Cumba Mela

Click above for the free download, thanks guys. You can catch the Cumba Mela collective at Bembe in Brooklyn where they are known to tread not so lightly across cumbia nueva, baile, kuduro, afrocolombian bass & heavy sounds from all across the globe. Oh, and they also bust out drums, shakers, guacharachas, etc etc during their sets. Try to stand still...

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