Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deep Sea Explorations

Argentina's FRIKSTAILERS have come & gone NY. Maybe you missed em. Or maybe you were out in BK with us when they came through and tripped us out with sounds from their Bicho De Luz EP. Either way, no te preocupes, here's a quick little psychedelic number for ya, shot at that very show for their 1st North American tour:

FRIKSTAILERS (live @ COCO 66) from Joey Angerone on Vimeo.

(shot & edited by JoeyAngerone)

Oye, I know what you're thinking out there right now.

"But Damn Zun, that's old news! You want me to impress my DJ friends and local chickenheads with an exclusive video thats months old!? It's almost 2011, I want to hear what's gonna be hot next year!"

Yes, yes, what was I thinking. Well, I was inspired by this brand new one from Rafa & Lisandro, a remix of Bart B More's Make Some Noise, so here. GO! DOWNLOAD IT!
Bart B More - Make Some Noise (Frikstailers Remix) by FRIKSTAILERS

The Frikstailer's, in the short time I've known about them & relatively little material I've heard, have constantly impressed. Everyone talks about the global mushmash happening and how music has no borders because of Al Gore - well, the Frikstailer's LIVE IT. SH*T JUST GOT REAL, SON!
This one is a creeper. You're first drawn in by the heavy cumbia framework. Then the dembow works its way in there. Wait, who's this guy yellin about makin noise!? The anticipation builds, and then deflates to a dubbed out, underwater fever dream before coming around 360 & DROP! It's bastard cumbia, blacksheep reggaeton. I know you want to call it moombahton ; ) we're close. I'm gonna call it, "Yo, I just listened to this track 20 times in a row". How's that for a new genre? You can add "step" at the end or "future" in there somewhere too. Look at me, I'm a music journalist!

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