Saturday, January 1, 2011


I listened to MIA's newest album one time in 2010. I was crossing the country with the ZZK familia & it had just leaked. One listen and I felt like I'd just been stabbed, center of my back.

"Maya, No. What are you doing?''

We had been together for so long. 2003 was it? Before blogs. When record stores were still open. Labels were still trusted. Kinda..
This was just when people started to go crazy. Diplo was still Diplodocus and 1/2 off the duo Hollertronix, crafting house party anthems via Black Rob X Salt N' Peppa X Tainted Love. Your Ma' had never heard of mashups.

MIA was a nobody. Who was this chick singing gibberish about Galangalangin and Purple Haze and Sunshowers? Well, arguably, she turns into one of the first young artists to come up in a truly revolutionary fashion. Here was a brown girl chattering about guerilla warfare, putting out dance 12" on XL, and leaking tangible mixtapes and MP3's creating real BUZZ.

Yes, that's the MIA I remember. It seems like her New Year's Resolution is a takeover. Overthrow the current regime (Perry, Gaga, Keri, et. al):


Stream it above, download it here.

What is ViCKi LEEKX? What isn't it. It's freedom. It's social commentary via social networking. It's pseudo consumerist revolution. It's club music. It's 30 minutes of futuristic euphoria. It's hyperbolic blogging.

And if you made it this far, rest assured, the mix features production from ex-BFF Diplo, Blaqstarr, Switch, Rusko, Munchi, + more. 18 tracks with some WikiLeaks edits here and there! It's a seriously strong effort, on par with her first records I'd say. Thank you Maya. Pls contact Damn Zun for guerilla marketing efforts re: your woldwide and WWW takeover.

And since I can't contain myself, check out this super edit/remix/completely new track, from Pearson Sound (AKA Ramadanman), based on vocals from MIA's track It Takes A Muscle:

Amazing production from Pearson Sound. We can only hope for their combined efforts officially in 2011.

To the exciting year ahead of us!

DZ v 2.0 pr0nt0

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