Friday, March 4, 2011

Zaca La Zaca La

Ok, since the housing market is still struggling here's the new American Dream.

By way of Fruity Loops & a Boricua 1 Hit Wonder Acapella:

Lumidee-Never Leave You (Uh oooh Uh oooh)Dj Sharon Remix by deejaysharon

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Do you know how crazy girls go when they hear those vocals in the club? And then pile some filthy bass on it, a thousand claps, and enough guacharacha to take down a building! DJ Sharon is definitely on to something.

And he's producing some wild 3Ball Waracha like this one, ZACA LA BOTA & I didn't even change that S to a Z. Damn Zun:


While DJ Sharon is local to the tri-state area, our next guest Javier Bernal brings his Cumbiatronico style from Virginia. What is Cumbiatronico? Well, es Tribal Electronico Mexicano Wey!...some of it's really bouncy & fun like Ritmo Mambo Estereo:

Ritmo mambo estereo ((( TRIBAL CUMBIATRONICO STYLE ))) © 2011 by mixer javier bernal

UFFF! Make it to that minute mark where the bass drops!

Now, this one I wouldn't call "fun". Maybe sweaty warehouse Raverton Cumbiatronico styles would be more fitting:

Canto azteca mixer javier bernal (cumbiatronico style) va usa by mixer javier bernal

Man, Javier really has some heavy tribal rhythms over on his page and all free downloads!

In other news, it's almost Spring. Winter's been rough here in Brooklyn but it's only made us stronger at DZ HQ. We'll be announcing the triumphant return of iBomba in the coming weeks so stick around!

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