Friday, February 25, 2011

Explorations in 99¢

All right, World. Wherever you're tuning in from. Brooklyn, I see you. Manhattan, hello. Chicago are you out there? LA? Monterrey, Nuevo León? I want to take you on a tour of my local 99¢ store. Now, on paper this may not seem like a lot of fun, but what about when we add the magic of YouTube & User-Generated Content?

This is a pretty big spot. Deep enough to hear 3 to 4 different boomboxes as you peruse their countless aisles of valuable stuffs. Now, what I do is head straight to the back. That's where the CUMBIA vs REGGAETON vs MERENGUE sound-clashes usually go down. It's here where America meets China, Mexico meets Colombia, and I meet my local hookup for MP3 CD Bootlegs. (Hi RIAA)

You'll recognize this track as the first one you heard in the above video:


Thought to myself when I woke up today, "What is Obama up to?" Then, "What am I up to?" (shout to @capitalkev for the inspiration). What if Obama and I were in our morning meeting? Well, we'd talk about how Damn Zun warned of the unrest in Tunisia. We'd talk about Libya and why our American pop stars were performing for, dare I say, "Turrrrrists", just a few weeks ago.

But we'd also touch on some lighter issues, like how I wanted to share this track with a bunch of people for free because I thought this would help it live forever! And I'd ask him if he knew who made it or when it was made or how drunk they actually were?

And before I left, I'd get him or maybe the new Press Secretary (@presssec) to sign off on my newest logo using the Official USA Govt Bald Eagle

(10 min Photoshop sesh courtesy of Ian McG-Unit)

Now to end OUR meeting (that's you & I, Barack had to peace), one last video from the back aisle. Some heavy tunes being thrown down. Check out Abuelita gettin it in with her little finger dance at the end.

(Towel placement for XXXtra Bass)

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