Thursday, August 27, 2009

this is MY LIFE

Mira - don't worry about what CNN says or what everyone thinks about the "economy"... this is YOUR LIFE. That's what I love about Jahdan Blakkamoore. No matter what's going on, he just comes with this hard hitting anthem full of positivity. Reminding you to "shine bright like the sunshine" HA ! thank you Jahdan

This one is off Major Lazer's recent LP, but this Dutty Artz refix just takes the song to a whole new level.
I mean people talk about "hater this, hater that", but seriously - If you can't get down to this (what I think is a Shadetek/Rupture) track, stay out of DAMNZUN !!

The album is Buzzrock Warrior, drops September 15th. Check Dutty Artz for the up to date

Cash Flow (Dutty Artz Refix):

..y si necesitas mas:

Bazooka Shot mixtape

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