Monday, August 31, 2009

Calle Bass

Call it whatever the hell you like - Megasoid from Montreal seem to prefer Turbo Crunk. They've been honing, perfecting, and deconstructing these apocalyptic club bangers while working on their forthcoming debut album for Ninja Tune.

Dudes have been beaming out futuristic sounds via remixes, mixtapes, and illegal parties alike, taking a sound rooted in dirty south booty bass and running it through a 10 speed blender - tossing sirens, blaps, claps, and raunchy vocal samples and acappellas on top. Sharing their Turbo Crunk party with the likes of Ed Banger, GlitchMob, Lazer Sword, and Machinedrum to name a few, I'm anxious for the day they make it to Brooklyn. We like bass and dirty synths too Megasoid

Megasoid - Soundbwoy Bass Feat. Isaiah by mdhernan

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