Monday, May 10, 2010

Vamos a darle sloooow

Within the first minute you hear the lines "can't get you out of my system..."

and chances are she's right. I had this song in my head for a solid 24 hours. Sepalcure is what happens when Machinedrum and Praveen spend two weeks in Brooklyn crafting the two step beats, dubbed out bass and vocals, and the neon synths needed to create their futuristic, yet sensitively danceable brand of dubstep. Joy Orbison meeting FaltyDL. Brooklyn meeting London. The beats sound like their about to fall apart but somehow their held together with that big stuttered kick and an even bigger basssline.

Check for the EP out on Hotflush June 7th!

Sepalcure - Takin You Back by Polo Deod

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