Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nose Art !?

FLYING LOTUS HAS LOST HIS GODDAMN MIND!!! El está loco for this one. Cosmogramma, which dropped this past week on Warp, is 51 minutes of FlyLo's best material to date. I should wait and listen to it 100-500 times, but I just can't contain my blogging self. Buy this album. Become one with all.

Raw beats. Free jazz vibes, more live instrumentation than ever. Outkast string arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, guest vocalists Thom Yorke and a returning Laura Darlington

I don't even know where to start. Cosmogramma is truly an epic album. A complete listen. A journey through everything you've come to expect from FlyLo but flipped sideways and given super medicinal. Basically, Flying Lotus started a band and this is their first album.
I'll highlight one track for now, definitely a step up in the BPMs, a nod to Anita Ward on a disco/housed out "Do The Astral Plane". Increíble

Flying Lotus - Do the Astral Plane by desborachos

Have I said enough? Msg me if you want to get deeper but I'm going to space right now.


  1. YEAH ZUN! feel like buzz aldrin right now!

  2. seeeeriously. listening party at ms. franks