Friday, January 21, 2011

New World Order


Nah, actually Jim I thought you were black! Who knew? I'm thinking, yea of course Omega's in the studio tellin Jim Jones, 'say dimelo'. Turns out Jones' pops is Boricua. Either way, this track is kinda hard. I mean, it's no Bangladesh beat, and my man @robertosantos says it's 'soft like tissue' but you be the judge:

Jim Jones Ft Omega El Fuerte We Represent (Dj-Joel) by Damn Zun™ - BK,NY

Now we wait for Omega to get his Visa, move to the States, and take over the hiphop game. He's got the voice, and he's learning so quickly to talk shit en Ingles! Watch out Waka, Weezy, and every other knuckle-head making MILLIONS rapping about mostly NOTHING!

I might regret co-signing this one within 24 hrs of the release, but man it's been bumping on repeat. Now for the streets of Brooklyn to sign off..

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