Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dónde Están Mis Snoweros

Ok, so I've been working on the set of something for someone, 12+ hr day type trabajo. Multi-national type corporate love from Bushwick, BK all the way to UES/MIDTOWN/ALL MY RICH GENTE! Not making excuses, just framing my post and mindset for you. It's cold, freezing most days, literally, and I'm frequently slipping into dreams of far away places ( el sol, la playa, un tro de baina...)

So, I've been sitting on some tracks for a few weeks now. Then I came across a few videos, and then read @eddiestats' post over at FADER which ended up being the final inspiration for todays output. (Thanks! Great Ghetto Palms mix today, check it)

But before you do, or after, come back quickly for these blood diamonds/oil reserves below:

Now, within the first 10 seconds I know you're cursing me. What is this? Stadium Rock Tribal? A horrible Crunk/Grime/Rave mashup!? But just wait it out. If it will change your mind, know this - my girl came into DZ HQ while I was researching/watching this video, and was a LITTLE MAD. 'Gata, I didn't shoot or edit the video OK?'

These girls in Texas are loving DJ Tetris en la IGUANA DISCOTEQUE, I can't be held accountable for that.

Up next, DJ Otto from the Colectivo 3Ball Monterrey, and Yuyuman Style on the vocals. Yes, as seen on Damn Zun last year, I am once again calling for TRIBAL SUPERGROUPS to be formed. These songs become a whole notha beast when you add the hype man/woman, free download below:

DZ XCLSV DL (3ballMTY check yr email!!)

^^ This is the one que rompe todo en NY recently..Great response from the people. Power to the people. I'm a lobbyist for 3ball interests here in Brooklyn. @WhiteHouse, can we work on an Ambassador of Sound position for me? Weekly podcasts from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW anyone?

In closing, I'd like to share a rolita for your mamita. Safe and bubbly, DJ Lugo Mix with his rendition of El Alacrán:

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