Friday, October 8, 2010

0% Chance of Precip

El fin de is upon us locos. It finds me smack zab in the middle of America, searching out cumbia jems pa' ti. I hope you're safe at your home PC, or on your smart phone scouring the WWW for something smooth & sexy to start your weekend just right. Trust in me - Let's get into a great mix from Bogotá and the one known as El Criollo:

Miscellaneus Oct. LiveSet by El Criollo

Now I usually approach mixes 1 of 2 ways.
A) scan the tracklist & judge a book by it's descriptive, colorful cover OR..
B) put it in the headphones and make my way through NYC with a new, unknown soundtrack

Seeing as I got to this one before the tracklist was posted, I jumped around via mouseclicks a bit, but felt too dishonest cheating. The patient Zun in me found a beautiful ride, blended ever so gently. The vibes are chill, a bit warm (tropical!?), covering reggaeton, cumbia, dancehall, +++
But really it brought me back to the core of all this global bass, nu-whirled, world music, mash up Y2K, ghetto poor pan Panama-esque electro trending...
:: deep breath:: It's all HIP HOP PEOPLE. Download this great hip hop dance mix that destroys barriers and stays away from anything too BPM'y and RAVEY. I'll have to find El Criollo when I make my return to Colombia and shake his hand. Don't believe the media hype people. Colombia & México are not lawless slums where you'll get kidnapped immediately upon arrival.

: )

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