Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Damn Zun Sends iPads to Lisbon; Hailed as Hero

I feel as if I've been really pushing the Mexican rave music to you guys the past few, so thought we'd take it to Portugal for this one, courtesy of DJ Marfox. I came across this and hadn't listened to much Kuduro lately but I'm not sure why after making it through a mix from the Enfuchada label in Lisbon. If you're out there and close to Kings County with a car, WITH subs please msg me. The Damn Zun office is at the bottom of the Brooklyn Bridge. At about 48 minutes the bass starts to clip, or my speakers blew, I'm not sure. Either way I'm not complaining. My Utopia is a borderless land mass where Kuduro blends with Mambo and Warachero to create beautiful "interracial music babies", as Zuzuka put it. But anyway, Yea, this mix is REALLY hard & mean but DAMN (you know I want to say it)it's good.
E-RADIO #12 - DJ MARFOX by enchufada

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