Sunday, October 24, 2010

WTF, winter?!

Today I wanted to highlight a few recent successes from our musical "world", Digital and Physical, of course.

Ejemplo 1 being a promo item I was given at the Co-Sign Collective CMJ Party (yeaaa @jessfromcosign). Check this necklace airhorn, which requires only your mouth to emit a crazy loud & annoying horn:

Mimic and play along to your favorite rap, reggaeton, or mambo mixtape! To the big guys keepin score at home and wondering how your corporation can reach your target demographic so effortlessly it's simple, really:



This song and accompanying "remix" video are another great case study in mashupculture2010. Although not as recent as last weeks CMJ score, the relevance of this little bastard baby of my(?) generation will not wane...


Just as this borderline unbearable mashup begins to wear thin, it transitions into Oro Solido's Baile Del Beeper and immediately becomes TAN SEXY(er). Although I still can't come to terms with my son growing up thinking/learning that Walk It Out is "old school", throwback at noon material, I will embrace the idea that maybe one day he'll make a great video remix like this and put it on Youtube earning 1 MILLION VIEWS or more!

& Our last digi success 2 celebrate comes in the form of a great breezy, dreamy, synth heavy cumbia from Damn Zun favorite, Los Daddy's:

Los Daddys - Lucerito by Damn Zun™ - BK,NY

This just goes to show that there is still good in the world and more often than not it comes in the form of a bootleg cumbia compilation covered in bikini clad birdies!

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