Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"New Psychodelic Styles & Lisergics"

About half a year back, Argentina's Brujjas Deejay had the clouds of sound rumbling. Present day finds the producer dropping 10+ mashups and remixes in the past 24 hours on his page AQUI.Now before you "X" out of this precious little internet portal, let me tell you something. I HATE MASHUPS. I really do, most of the time. Be warned, I'm about to post up a remix of "Pull Up The People" by MIA. Yea, remember that one from 6 or 7 years back?

03-Pull up the marihuane (bonus 8bit+mia) by Brujjas Deejay

Here it is again. Ran through the Reggaeton remix maquinas & then flipped into an 8-bit, cumbia digital SMASH of a track. Check Brujja Deejay's Soundcloud & grab those tracks before the free D/L's run out. Here's one more incase you needed more coaxing to move another 8 inches across the screen:

06-dovster vs yelle by Brujjas Deejay

Artist Statement:
"Brujjas Deejay has born to create the music that make dance and move to everything persons of all the dancing floors of the world. His genre is the cumbia mashup, though he enjoys certain times to rise in new psychodelic styles and lisergics. The music of this amazing DJ of the night, not only it is highly dance, his amazing psychoactive power, provoke big trips to many people throughout."

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