Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Having worked "in" the music "industry" for about 7 years now, $CRAPING by year by year, I'm inherently drawn to conversations re: "experiential marketing", the digital label revolution, magazines folding, bla bla..

It ain't a melody, it's a formula.
It ain't music, it's a product.
It ain't poetry, it's a sales pitch.
It ain't happening, cause it is dead.
Rest in peace, art and music.
They know not what they do.
But they sure make money doin' it.
And that's all it's about anymore.

-Commenter from NY Times Article

Two interesting pieces hit the web today, courtesy of a certain PR maquina, at a certain magazine, discussing global corporate superpower: Converse. The shoemaker, who recently picked up and moved out of the good ol' USA, has a new "record label" and recording studio to-be in the epicenter of COOL/CHIMBA/GENIAL: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Village Voice asks the, er, interesting(?!), question, "Is it possible to sell out in 2010?", as both articles explore the quick and revolutionary changes happening in and around "indie music", but even larger, the "culture" that surrounds it.

I wish I had stayed in school longer to explore the communication & media theories I had only begun to hit in my sophomore year, but alas the music industry seemed so exciting & attainable so I made the blind leap in! Wee unpaid internships, ufff for underpaid salaried desk jobs, so on & so forth..

Anyway, I usually keep my rants @minimal over here, but I'll link you to two (2) very interesting & relevant pieces of more scholarly journalism:

The 1st from Wayne&Wax dives a bit deeper into what the small guys are tryin to do to stay afloat as labels continue to sink while Corporate America steps up to save the day (as discussed in the NYTimes and Village Voice jwnz)

& the 2nd from the NY reyes Dutty Artz with a small intro to a new series titled: #realtalk. Definitely interested to see what one of the "good guys" has to say about the PR world, startups, & all this
"..and if ya say #realtalk i prolly wont trust ya.."

Lots of great talk on the internet. I'm planning an internet rally as we speak...

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